Why take a personalized class with us?

Most likely, you have already studied English extensively. You may already be a professional seeking a job in the English-speaking world. Maybe you have good mastery of English but need to polish your accent or certain subject matter. Or, you may have a basic working knowledge of English, but still are confused about certain concepts. Studying English with us will give you the edge you need. We will equip you to communicate at the advanced level that the global economy today demands.

Instead of making you read or listen to pre-printed materials, your teacher will use flexible materials according to your specifications. He or she will simulate real, live conversation with you. They will take the time to pause the lesson, correct your grammar and pronunciation, and explain the concepts used. In addition, they will give you an honest evaluation of how understandable your English is.
Since our teachers are also bilingual, having learned a second or third language already, they are uniquely qualified to provide you with a real-life learning experience. They understand the challenges involved! They are also able to explain things to you in your native tongue, which is sometimes the only way to truly understand concepts in a new language.

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Consider the positive results:

1. Improved conversational ability- Polishing your communication skills will enable you to converse at a truly native level.

2. Superior marketability- When prospective employers see that you have taken proactive steps to perfect your English, they will be impressed. Your chances of being hired are much greater when your English skills are more than just “basic.”

3. Better self-confidence- Of course, overconfidence is a quality that professionals avoid. However, when you are more confident about your communication skills, you are able to concentrate on the conversation itself, instead of being worried about your language skills.

4. Better business- If you represent an international corporation, you should know that good English skills on the part of your employees is a huge selling point for customers. When clients hear a salesman or professional with sub-standard or nearly unintelligible English, it undermines their confidence in the entire company, and makes it less likely that they will return to you for business. But, when your employees speak polished, natural sounding English, the positive impression left on your customers will translate into financial benefits.

5. Convenience and cost savings- We know that, as a professional, you lead a busy life. Since our sessions are conducted online, they are the perfect way to get the advanced training you need without interfering with the rest of your activities. You save all the transportation costs and time involved in a conventional English course. All you need is a computer with a quality headset, a quiet place, an Internet connection and a few minutes to dedicate to your advancement in English. In addition, the per-hour cost of online sessions is far less than that of enrolling in an entire course. Since you probably are able to learn English on your own, using the many free online resources available, you will save money by improving your English with us, only paying for private classes to cover the areas that you truly need help with. e provide a wide variety of scheduling options, allowing you to select the day and time more convenient for you.

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