About Presto Ingles

Founded in 2005, Presto Inglés is a US-based company, with offices in Miami, Florida and also has satellite offices in Latin America. Our client base spans the globe, although the majority of our students are Spanish-speaking professionals from Latin America. Our business presence is 100% online, with online sales, online customer support, and online classes.

Presto Inglés was created by a small group of English teachers, in collaboration with a group of English learners. We listened to what they wanted, and discovered that in many cases, what students needed was not a long English course, but a consistent helping hand to improve in certain areas of English.

We also found that there are many professionals who are looking for specialized help to improve their English in specific areas, in preparation for job interviews, presentations, and business trips. Since professionals are busy, most of them don’t have time to commit to a long English course, and they really don’t need one.

The creators of Presto Inglés also wanted to create a learning experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or office. No traffic. No commute. No classrooms. No stacks of books. Just you, your computer, and a headset. You can take your personalized class with us literally anywhere you can find an Internet connection and a quiet space. This online classroom model allows us to offer a customized learning experience at a lower cost to you, the client.

We are always growing, and we would love to have your feedback on any ways that we could make Presto Inglés better or more adapted to your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Contact Presto Ingles:

Corporate Headquarters
Presto Ingles
8345 NW 66th Street, #B9517
Miami, FL 33166

For sales and general information, please call us at +1 (517) 798-6651.

For general questions, comments, and information about Presto Ingles, please e-mail us at info@prestoingles.com

For press inquires please write our Publicity Department at press@prestoingles.com

Tech Support
For technical support for students and corporate account administrators, please contact our Technical Support department by email at support@prestoingles.com.